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The annual JSME conference brings together medical and other health professions educators from all over Japan and around the world to exchange knowledge, experiences, and the latest developments in health professions education. Whether you are a practitioner, educator, or researcher, our conferences provide a valuable platform to gain insights into Japan’s unique medical education landscape, forge international collaborations, and contribute to the advancement of medical education on a global scale. Join us for our upcoming conference to immerse yourself in an enriching experience that combines academic excellence with the delights of Japanese culture.

The 56th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Medical Education

Diversity & Inclusion
- Health Professions Education to Broaden Horizons -

Teikyo University, Itabashi Campus

August 9-10, 2024

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Messages from the JSME members

Recent Conferences and Awardees of the English sessions

55th Annual Meeting of the JSME

2023, Nagasaki University

A Paradigm Shift in Health Professions Education: Reflecting on the History and the Bright Future Ahead

Best Young Investigator Award
  • Houman Goudarzi (Japan)
Young Investigator Award
  • Anupong Kantiwong (Thailand)
  • Sethapong Lertsakulbunlue (Thailand)

54th Annual Meeting of the JSME

2022, Gunma University

Supporting Medical Education, and Developing a Culture for Patient Safety
ー Meeting Needs of the Era ー

Best Young Investigator Award
  • Kazuya Nagasaki (Japan)
Young Investigator Award
  • Yohei Matsumoto (Japan)
  • Maham Stanyon (Japan)

53rd Annual Meeting of the JSME

2021, Jichi Medical University (online)

Kasshi-Kaiko: Glocal Medical Education in the Corona Era

On-demand Award
  • Gold
    Goudarzi  Houman (Japan)
  • Silver
    Ryohei Goto (Japan)
  • Bronze
    Naoto Kuroda (Japan)
Live Award
  • Gold
    An Kozato (UK)
  • Silver
    Maham Stanyon (Japan)
  • Bronze
    Osamu Nomura (Japan)
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